SAN NICOLAS 2030 (part 2)

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. This legendary quote from India's national hero Mahatma Gandhi couldn't be further than the truth. My political focus has always been on an inclusive economic policy. I have analysed over the years how to achieve economic growth or bring more money into the households of the San Nicolas inhabitants. According to our Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) San Nicolas has pockets of alarming poverty and my intention is to provide structural solutions to this phenomenon.

We can grow the Aruban economy in the next decade to be an inclusive one by implementing policy to establish micro economic sectors to the so called pariba di brug of Aruba.

I. Medical tourism sector has great potential as we continue investing in IMSAN to become Aruba's second hospital. This will create professional jobs and the economic and financial spinoff will be enormous for the area.

II. Quanten Aruba LLC a dynamic oil refinery with a regional business development for LNG terminal would get the area the necessary investments and help redevelop a San Nicolas commerce fit for the 21st century.

III. Master plan for Seroe Colorado targetting niche tourism markets contrary to Eagle and Palm Beach. Creating a progressive lifestyle in the area with more opportunities.

IV. Redevelopment of downtown San Nicolas into a modern Aruban city with its specific Aruban identity will bring the contrast needed for local & international investments.

These four potential sectors isn't one that can be developed in one government term hence the title of this article 'San Nicolas 2030'. Without the necessary Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) government would remain very limited in bringing these structural changes. This is a crucial election year where we can reelect the Electorate Movement of the People (MEP) to continue putting Aruba back on the wheels of progress for all and not a few. Your humble servant is asking for your political support this coming parliamentary elections in September 2021. Together we are strong, divided we are weak. San Nicolas it’s now or never.

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