Dutch parliament elections on Bonaire is a mockery to democracy, a trap- don't vote

Foundation We Want Bonaire Back has no other alternative to advice the Bonaire peoples don't go vote not to fall in trap of Dutch parliament elections.

Don't vote, because they don't respect our referendum and our democracy, neither our rights, or either international law that themselves has signed in United Nations. They will use your vote to say yourself has voluntarily participate and legalize this illegal constitutional status, and yourself will be against your own NO vote in the referendum 2015 that is one of the principal reasons for the United Nations to put us back on their protective list of Non-Self-Governing-Territories.

The same Knops and other Dutch politicians and government, assisted and helped by their local collaborators that don't respect our way of life, our culture, our norms and values, our traditions, wants to destroy our identity, are violating our rights, now have the courage to ask us to vote for them.

• Don't vote, to show that you are against that we have been anchored in the Dutch Constitution without equal rights and that you don't want to be a second class citizen. If you vote you are agreeing and confirms that you don't want equal rights.

• Don't vote, because they will say after that yourself voted and agreeing and helped legalize all unjust laws that Dutch parliament in The Hague has imposed on us, and that are no problems on Bonaire and everything is ok, that there is no poverty and that everything else is our own fault, because yourself voted.

• Don't vote, otherwise yourself is agreeing that your Bonerian leaders that you have voted for and that are in the government here have no power and nothing to say, and that yourself wants that the kingdom representative, the program manager, and Knops and the Dutch in The Hague to continues to decide on us

• Don't vote, to show that you are not agreeing that all tax-money that you are paying continues to go to Holland and Holland continue to use your own money to send Dutch-Europeans to Bonaire to work in the place of our own locals and live like a king from our own tax-money, where our Bonerians are in the struggle to survive

• Don't vote, because Knops and Dutch government don't respect none of our sister islands, they overthrow the government of Sint Eustatius, they misused the Covid-19 pandemic for financial aid to blackmail and take, limit the autonomy of Curacao, Aruba and Sint Maarten

• Don't vote, to show your discontent that they don't respect our papiamentu language, they are segregating our kids in education and limit their possibilities to their future, they don't respect the efforts, sacrifices and hard work of our retired elders and are introducing tax-laws and unjust policies against them

• Don't vote, as protest and not to agree that the same Dutch parliament that don't respect that Bonaire peoples that are christian believers because their-selves has imposed immoral laws on us

• Don't vote, because they don't respect our peoples struggle to achieve their business, house and assets, and they imposed unjust laws and taxes to destroy the businesses of the Bonarians and obliterate their buildings, house, land,work, assets, meanwhile they continues to enrich themselves on us and our territory account

• Don't vote, because they don't respect that the Bonerian has right to existence as humans and as a peoples and to govern themselves and they are invading, populating Bonaire with Dutch-Europeans without limits and now the Boneiran became a minority on his own island

• If your employer or party leader or others are forcing you to go vote under threat then vote blank

• Don't vote, neither authorize them to vote for you, because if you sell your vote, you will be co-responsible, accomplice, for your grandchildren in the future to continue to live without the possibilities to get leadership jobs and functions or nothing on Bonaire

• Don't vote for them because we don't know them, have no conscience, no feelings neither compassion for us, they don't comply with promises, the don't comply with their agreements, don't comply with accords, etc , etc

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